A smart task and to-do list manager, Tasks IQ is here to help you manage your tasks and events with ease. Carefully designed and optimized to enhance your task management experience, you will find many features to make sure you do not miss out any important details.

Useful Features:

Calendar widget.png
  • Calendar overview of tasks and events

With all your tasks and events neatly shown in a single calendar, you would not have to worry about double-booking yourself or forgetting if there is something to attend to today.

  • Tasks Prioritization

It is true that some tasks are more important than others. Simply indicate a priority level or even mark a task as urgent to bring it right to the top of your list. This way, you never have to scroll far to find the important tasks.

  • Google Tasks and Google Calendar Sync

If you already have existing tasks and events in Google, you can easily import them into Tasks IQ. Enable Cloud Sync, choose your preferred Google account, and you are ready to continue where you left off. This also means you can keep track of your tasks and events in more than 1 device. 

  • Quick add task via text or voice input

Sometimes you just want to quickly add a new task in case you forget about it later. The quick add feature helps you get that done by adding a task in less than 3 taps.

and many more!


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