1. Managing Task Lists

1.1 Adding a task list

There are 2 ways to add a new task list.

A. Open the right drawer by tapping on the top rightmost icon, and tap 'Add Task List'.

B. Open the left drawer by scrolling or tapping on the top leftmost icon, then tap on the + sign beside 'Task Lists'.


1.2 Rename, delete or rearrange task lists

To make changes to your task list, head to the Task Lists section in the left drawer, and tap on the leftmost icon. 

Tap on the edit icon to rename, the negative icon to delete or the leftmost reorder icon to rearrange your tasks. When you are done, tap on the tick sign to save your changes.


1.3 Navigating between task lists

Navigation can be done by either scrolling left or right to move to a different task list, or via the Task List section in the left drawer.


1.4 Task lists' colors and what they mean

Your task lists may be labelled with one of the following colors depending on the type of tasks at the top of the list. The color is identical to the top section shown within the task list itself.

Red - Indicates urgent task

Orange - Indicates overdue task

Yellow - Indicates task for today

Green - Indicates task due in the next 7 days / Indicates no task

Dark Blue - Indicates task without due date

Bright Blue - Indicates completed task